Frequently Asked Questions About Fees
  • If I have a permanent schedule do I need to fill out the schedule sheets?:
Yes, but only one indicating your schedule, the blocked hours needed for purchase, and marked permanent. Unless your schedule changes you will not have to fill out another one.
  •  I have multiple children, do I combine their hours on the schedule sheet?:
No. The blocks are priced for each child individually.
  •  Can I use the block rates when I prepay for the month?:
Yes and No. The rates listed on the sheet are weekly rates only. If you’d like to prepay you will have to calculate the hours needed for each week and pay accordingly. You will not be able to use one week’s worth of blocks beyond that week.
  •  I only need so many hours but I’m purchasing more than I need. Do my hours carry over?:
No. Hours do not carry over from week to week.
  •  What if my schedule changes and I still have additional hours purchased?:
If you are one that needs to purchase additional hours than needed, you have some wiggle room. You will need to call the Center preferably 24 hours in advance to make schedule changes just the same as before. If you need more hours than what you have signed up for, you will need to purchase an additional 1 or 5 hour block by contacting the Center or the Director. In the event of a family emergency or other circumstances out of your control, please contact the Director to work out a plan.
  •  I see the minimum amount of hours to purchase is 5. Is that per day or for the week?:
The minimum amount of hours you can purchase for the week is 5 hours. The amount of time you spend here during the day can vary at any amount as long as it fitsinto the hours purchased.
  •  My child doesn’t need care next week. Do I need to purchase 5 hours?:
No. If your child will not need care, you don’t have to purchase any hours. The only thing will need to do is notify the staff that your child will not need care.