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School Scrip Program
What is Scrip?

Scrip cards are an alternative form of payment for the same things you buy every day. It’s similar to using a debit card or gift card. You order scrip cards at full face value – in other words - $50 cash buys a $50 scrip card. Each vendor provides a percent discount on the face value of the scrip card. The difference between the brand discount and the face value is revenue for St. Paul’s Lutheran School.

What is available?

Over 750 brands participate in scrip including locals such as Quality Foods, El Mezcal, Danny K's, and Cravings. Pick from eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloading funds digitally onto existing physical gift cards. New brands and promotions are added each month. See an entire list of brands and their discounts at www.RaiseRight.com

How does St Paul’s Scrip program work?

The earning from your scrip purchases are split 50/50 between you and the school. You may choose any of the following ways to disperse your 50% discount:
  • Tuition at St. Paul’s Lutheran School – Your earnings will be applied to your tuition account. Grandparents and others can also contribute their earning to your tuition account
  • Prepay Account – If you child hasn’t start school at St. Paul’s yet (maybe they are just an infant), we will set up a Prepay Account to track your earnings and apply them to tuition when your child starts school.
  • St. Paul's Student Assistance Fund – This fund aids qualifying families with their tuition.
  • Cash back to you

Example: You purchase a $100 Kwik Trip card with a 4% rebate.  Two percent, or $2.00, is used as you designated (see above), and $2.00 goes to the school. The school portion pays the costs of running the scrip program plus contributes to the Student Assistance Fund.

How do I purchase scrip?

The first time you order scrip, you will need submit a signed Scrip Agreement (download at right). This is where you designated that your earning should go to tuition or elsewhere.

Buy Physical Cards on Site
Some physical cards for local businesses are kept “in stock” at the school. You can pay for and take these right away.  On Sunday, visit the scrip table in the Welcome Center after worship. During the week, visit the office (8:00 am to 4:00 pm).  These purchases are cash or check only.

Order Physical Cards
St. Paul’s Scrip Program places their orders on the first and third Sundays of the month, no matter when you submit your order.  You will usually receive your ordered cards by the following Wednesday or Thursday.
  1. Paper order form – For items that we do not have in stock, you can print an order form at right or pick up at hard copy at the scrip table. Give the completed form plus payment (cash or check) to the person selling scrip at the scrip table or in the office.
  2. Order online - Set up an online account using directions at right.  Pay with your bank account or credit card.

Order eCards
Set up an online account using the directions at right.  Place your order and pay with your bank account or credit card. The eCard is delivered to your online “wallet” instantly, ready to use or save for later. For online purchases, just open your "wallet" and copy and paste the eCard info into the website's gift card section. For in-store purchases, bring up the eCard on your cell phone and show it to the cashier. Alternately, print the eCard and take it to the store.

Reload Physical Cards
To digitally reload funds to a physical card, you need to login to your RaiseRight account.  Find the brand, and select the Reload option when ordering.  (Note: Not all brands offer reload.) You will have to pay online with your credit card or bank account.
Got Questions?

Please contact our scrip coordinator, Deb DeWilde.

Front of Scrip Order Form
Back of Scrip Order Form
Scrip Agreement
How to Set Up a Scrip Account Online