School Scrip Program
What is Scrip?

Scrip cards are an alternative form of payment for the same things you buy every day. It’s similar to writing a check, using a debit card or gift card. Families order scrip cards at full face value – in other words - $50 cash buys a $50 scrip card. Each vendor provides a percent discount per face value of the Scrip card. The difference between the retailer discount and the face value is revenue for St. Paul’s.

What is available?

Over 500 retailers participate in scrip including locals such as Quality Foods and Cravings. New retailers and promotions are added each month. Obtain an entire listing at

How does St Paul’s Scrip program work?

Scrip cards for select vendors are available for purchase every Sunday after services and during office hours. Families order scrip each week either online at or by submitting paper order forms, which you can download on the right side of this page. Families deposit payment at the Scrip Center in the church welcome center. The Scrip Coordinator places our order every week with order processing on Wednesdays. Scrip cards are placed in your mailbox about mid-week or sent home with St. Paul’s school children.Families shop at participating retailers and redeem the scrip for full face value. Families may also give the cards as a gift or mail them to college students.

The discount is split 50/50 between the family and the church. Families may choose any of the following to disperse your 50% discount:
  • St. Paul’s tuition for your family – even if your toddler hasn’t started school yet we will track your discounts to apply for tuition when your child starts school at St. Paul’s
  • School Operating Fund
  • Cash back to your family
Example: Your family orders and receives a Kwik Trip card for $100 with a 4% discount.  2%, or $2.00, is used as above.

At the end of each year, you can print a statement of your scrip contributions for tax purposes.

How do I place an order?
  • Complete paper order forms, available at the right or in the Welcome Center, and drop in the order box in the welcome center along with payment.
  • Set up an online account at using handout available at right or in the Welcome Center.  Submit your order online and drop payment into the Scrip Center.
Got Questions?

Please contact our scrip coordinator, Deb DeWilde.

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Scrip Agreement
Frequently Asked Questions about Scrip
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