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311 14th Ave S
Wisc. Rapids , WI  54495
"I just wanted to share with you and your fellow teachers all that Logan has accomplished during his high school career.  He is graduating on May 14th as Salutatorian of his 156 member class... He has been given many awards that speak to his integrity, strong work ethic, and character.  Logan was accepted for direct admission to the UW-Madison School of Business and will start there this fall.

I have been told by many of Logan’s coaches and teachers that he is the kind of kid they never have to worry about.  He does the right thing even when no one is watching him.  He shows respect for his teachers, administrators and his peers.  Todd and I know a great deal of thanks for Logan’s character comes from the formative years he spent at St. Paul’s. He was immersed in an environment there that both stimulated his intelligence and fostered his integrity, but most importantly gave him strong Christian values to do the right thing, to work hard, and to know that with God all things are possible. I know that as he’s gotten older, Logan has realized the true value and blessing of the education he received at St. Paul’s." - Laura, Cole City, IL

"St. Paul’s has played an important role in my life that the written (or spoken word for that matter) cannot properly convey.  To the wonderful teachers, ministers, and support staff past and present I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the spiritual and academic education you gave me.  The Christian education I received was and is the foundation for who I am today and I would not be where I am without it.  The memories I have of my years as a student will always hold a special place in my heart."  - Jason, Hanover Park, IL
Our 7th & 8th grade students were asked,
"What does St. Paul's Lutheran School mean to me?"

St. Paul's means a great deal to me. One thing I've always admired about St. Paul's is its one of a kind family atmosphere between the staff, the students, and everyone. At St. Paul's you always have the privilege of having a Bible close by which is great for everything and there's not a lot of other schools that allow this.  There is always so much joy at St. Paul's, but when someone isn't having the best day, the great teachers and classmates are always there for you. Some would say that being a relatively small school, St. Paul's isn't a good choice for a school, but this really benefits the students because it provides more one on one teaching time during class. From what I have noticed the students at St. Paul's are far better behaved than kids who go to bigger public schools. If you are considering coming to St. Paul's all you have to do is be yourself because the students at St. Paul's are very welcoming. - Logan S.

I used to go to public school until I came to St. Paul's in sixth grade. I prefer it here because there is more "one on one" time with teachers. This school is really more of a family environment, and making friends is extremely easy. Also the academics are thoroughly taught and easy to comprehend. Students and teachers participate in deep discussions during class, which is great because we can interact and really feel like we are a part of the lesson. - Anna C

We have great scriptural, physical and academic classes. Our teachers and classmates make classes fun. Our teachers also have great ways to help us learn. If you come your child would have great God-loving friends wherever they went. Also, all of us know Jesus died on the cross to save us. - Mesa J.

Nice Christian teachers, smaller school so you can know everyone, and a very nice facility. Church and school are together which makes it easy for Christmas program and singing in church. Since we have smaller classes everyone gets along and we are all pretty good friends. - Gavin N.

What I like about this school is you learn about the Word of God in every class. And it is a small school, so you will not get lost walking in the hallways. The class sizes are small, so you get a lot of one on one with your teachers. If you like the sports we offer, you WILL make the team. - Gavin K.

I actually look forward to going to school because the teachers are kin, nice, and very understanding. They don't yell or punish us - unless we did something really bad - instead they use the gospel to encourage us. - Ashley D.

St. Paul's has given me a better understanding of God's Word. Day after day, my faith has grown in God's saving Word. St. Paul's has not only helped me grow in God's Word but in academics and sports.  Plus, here at St. Paul's the teachers have more "one on one" time with students. - Halley E.

At St. Paul's everyone is here to help you out and be your friend. Because of our smaller size, there is more one one one time with a teacher when you're struggling. Instead of just hearing God's Word everyday, our teachers help you understand it.  It really does become your "home away from home." - Katie L.

St. Paul's Lutheran School is a place where your kid(s) can learn about Jesus. There are also teachers that will help you and your children. They will encourage them to do their best. So, all in all, I think St. Paul's School is the school where kids can come make friends and learn about Jesus their Savior. - Bailey S.

I really love being in a Christian environment. All the people I'm surrounded by share the same faith with me, so I'm not discouraged. Everyone I meet I try and make friends with. For the most part, everyone's nice. I get to hear God's Word every day. - Becca H.

All the teachers and students are always willing to help each other out. We involve God's Word in every subject that we do. Everyone is just so nice, kind, and loving. We have chapel every Wednesday. We have devotion every day after lunch. These are some of the things I like about St. Paul's. - Cole D.

I look forward to starting my day by digging deeper into God's Word and better understanding what God has done for me. Going to school is a blessing because I am surrounded by a family of believers who live to worship God. I'm not afraid to talk about God. I''m not discouraged; I have the opportunity to speak my faith and am encouraged. Every Wednesday our school gathers in fellowship, and it warms my heart to see everyone listening intently to God's gospel and hear children singing praises to Jesus. The Christian atmosphere is so encouraging, I look forward to spending my day with fellow believers. - Erin G.

As a 7th grader at St. Paul's, there's a lot of nice teachers, and piano and handbells you can do for fun. Volleyball and basketball are sports St. Paul's has to offer. The teachers teach God's Word every day and on Wednesday there's chapel. - Olivia O.