Explorers (1-2 yrs)
Daily Schedule

6:30am-8:30          Arrival/Breakfast/Free Choice
8:30-8:45                 Diaper Changes
9:00-9:15                 Circle Time/Music and Movement
9:15-9:30                 Wash Hands/Snack Time
9:30-10:00              Craft
10:00-10:25           Fine Motor Activity/Sensory
10:25-11:00           Large Motor Activity
11:00-11:15           Diaper Changes
11:15-11:30           Story Time
11:30-12:00           Lunch
12:00pm-2:00       Naptime
2:00-2:30                 Wake up/Diaper Changes
2:30-2:45                 Wash Hands/Snack
3:20-3:30                Table Activities
3:30-Close              Free Play/Departure
**Free play time may involve going to the gym and/or outside.
**Diapers are changed as needed and/or every two hours.

What to Bring

Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, Nuk/pacifier (if needed), sippy cup, juice and/or milk, food for morning and afternoon snacks, blanket, pack n play, medications for teething (if needed), 2 extra sets of clothes

Summer: Swim diapers, swimsuit, sunscreen, towel.