General Policies & Information
    Arrival & Dismissal (Procare)
  • Parents/guardians are required to escort their child to and from their child’s classroom. Parents must sign their children in and out of Procare for billing and safety purposes. Failure to do so will result in a warning for the first time and a fee worth up to 10 hours of care ($35 or $42.50) will be assessed for future incidents. If you are having problems with the system, please contact the Director as soon as possible. Children who ride the bus will be logged in by the director. Children may arrive 15 minutes before Preschool begins and should be picked up promptly after each class unless special arrangements are made between the parent and teacher. 
    If your child is absent, please call the school office at 715-421-3634.
    Behavioral Difficulty Policy
  • Behavioral Difficulty Policy
    If a parent and/or child is exhibiting behaviors that are not in line with the policies and practices of Little Lambs or a parent does not follow the policies and practices of Little Lambs, that will be counted as a strike. The administration and staff of Little Lambs will work proactively with each family to ensure that there are no strikes given and what to do to prevent a strike from occurring. If all avenues have been exhausted, the director will issue a strike. Written notification of a strike will be put in your child’s mailbox and in their file. If necessary, a meeting with the director will be held to discuss options to prevent future strikes or to dispute a strike. Parents will also have the option to dispute a strike with the School Board. Three strikes within any 12 month period will result in termination of childcare. The director will call a meeting with parents to discuss that three strikes were given. If necessary a two week notice will be given terminating childcare and a written notice will be provided as well.

    Immediate Dismissal:
    Little Lambs reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. If it is determined, by Little Lambs staff that a child is being disruptive, destructive, disrespectful, has repeated discipline problems, or is endangering themselves or others, we may ask that you come pick up your child and possibly find other childcare. If a child exhibits this behavior, a meeting will be held with the director, parents, and classroom lead teacher to discuss ways to help prevent and improve behavior. If a child is sent home three times, childcare will automatically be terminated immediately after the third time. In severe cases where a child intentionally causes great harm or destruction you will be asked to come pick up your child and find alternative childcare without being given another chance.

    Delinquent tuition or fees beyond 2 weeks without satisfactory arrangements with the director.
    Lack of parental cooperation.
    In addition, there will be no cursing, smoking, swearing, threatening behavior, confrontation, or violation of Little Lambs’ confidentiality policy allowed inside or outside on the Little Lambs premises including social media. Appropriate actions will be taken if these rules are not followed.

    Examples of what constitutes as a strike are:
    • Bringing in a child that has a contagious disease without waiting the required 24 hour period of being symptom free without the use of medication.
    • Failure to observe the rules of the Center relating to the arrival and dismissal of the child.
    • Three No Show-No Call and/or Drop-In within a 30 day period.

  • Please have your child wear clothing appropriate for the weather and for movement. Layers are a great way to allow your child to adjust to changing climates. An extra set of clothing should be kept in the child’s backpack or cubby at all times. Please do not let your child wear shoes that do not have a back or strap on the heel (i.e. flip flops).
  • Little Lambs respects the right to privacy and assures the confidentiality of all student information and records.
    Daily Schedules
  • 8:45-9:15       Story Time (Wednesdays: Chapel)
    9:15-9:25       Planning
    9:25-10:00     Work Time (Snack)
    10:00-10:10   Clean Up
    10:10-10:20   Recall
    10:20-10:35   Group Time (Academic time)
    10:35-10:50   Music
    10:50-11:05   Bible Story
    11:05-11:30   Bathrooms/Outdoor Time
    11:30             Children not staying for Full-Day are dismissed.
    11:30-12:15   Lunch/Bathrooms/Prepare for Rest Time
    12:15-2:15     Rest Time*
    2:15-2:30       Bathrooms/Snack
    2:30-2:45       Story Time (Tuesdays: Library)
    2:45-3:00       Movement
    3:00-3:30       Outside/Gym Time
    3:30               Children not staying for childcare are dismissed.

    * Children will be required to take a 30 minute Rest Time. Those who do not sleep will be given quiet activities to do by themselves or with a teacher until the majority of children wake up.
  • Donations are always welcome. If you would like to make a donation, please speak with the director about the item(s) or to see the Little Lambs wish list.  
    Emergency Closing*
  • Announcement of school closings may come before or during the school day.  Please listen to radio station WFHR – AM 1320 or WGLX – FM 103.3 (Wisconsin Rapids), WYTE - 96 FM (Stevens Point), WLJY – FM 106 (Marshfield), or one of the Wausau television stations for such announcements.  You will also be notified via email.

    * The Center will close if we do not have power or water.
    Equipment & Supplies
  • Little Lambs students have access to the fenced-in outdoor playground equipment, the library, gym and equipment, a computer lab, and activities of our elementary school students. Furnishings in the classroom are durable, safe and arranged for the children’s use. Little Lambs requires that each parent provide the items listed on the school supply list.
    Excess Owed Policy
  • To help keep costs low at Little Lambs, a reminder letter will be sent home when an account has been sitting over $200 for 30 days without much movement to pay it down.
    Facilities & Staff
  • The childcare rooms are located at the north and south ends of the building.  Please use the 14th Avenue entrance to pick up and drop off your child.  For the security of your child, please remember to escort and check your child in each class period and childcare session.
    Little Lambs is under the supervision of the school board.  A program director, assistant director, lead teachers, teacher’s aides, and volunteers ensure that Little Lambs programs meet or exceed the guidelines for childcare and nutrition as set by the State of Wisconsin.
    Fees & Refund Policy
  • 1. A registration fee of $35 is required, payable at the time of registration.
    2. Fees will be determined on a yearly base and announced at the time of registration. Our current fee schedule.
    3. Fees are collected weekly unless prior permanent arrangement is made with the Director. Fees will be calculated on the last day of the week and payment is expected by Friday after receipt of invoice by 12 noon. A $10 Overdue Payment Fee will be assessed to overdue payments. 
    4. Registration fees are nonrefundable, even if the parent(s) choose to withdraw the child from the program.
    5. A delinquent fee beyond two weeks, without satisfactory arrangements with the Director, automatically drops the child from the program until the fees are paid in full. Failure to pay all fees with 60 days will result in the debt being sent to Credit Bureau Data Inc. and a report to the three Credit Bureaus.
    6. Parents are expected to pick up their child before center closing time.  A late pick up fee of $15 per every 15 minutes the child remains at the Center after Center closing.
    7.  Failure to sign your child(ren) in or out of Procare will result in a warning for the first offense. A charge up to 10 hours for care ($35 or 42.50) will be charged to your account for consecutive incidents. More than three incidents in a six month period may result in termination from the program.

    Scheduling: Schedules are due on Wednesday by 6pm. Failure to turn in a schedule will result in being charges a Drop-in Fee ($10 an hour per child) for the hours your child attends. If you are in need of additional hours after your schedule has been turned in, please notify the Director to request a 1, 5, or 10 hour block at least 24 hours in advance to avoid penalty. If you child exceeds their scheduled hours, you will be charged at a Drop-in rate ($10 an hour per child).
    Health Regulations
  • Parents are asked to protect their own children and others by keeping a child home that is carrying an infectious illness.  We will provide for you a chart of illnesses in which we ask you to keep your child home.  If a child has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has any other questionable symptoms, parents will be notified to pick their child up.  24 hours without the symptom and without the use of medication is required before returning to the center. 

    Please use common sense in the case of a severe cough or extremely bad cold.  Little Lambs should be notified of any contagious disease so that we may notify the other parents if we feel the children have been exposed.In very rare circumstances, the Center may close due to widespread illness for recuperation and cleaning. Credits will be given if the Center closes due to illness for the duration of the closure.
    Continually bringing a sick child to the center without waiting the 24 hour period may result in termination of childcare.
    The staff at Little Lambs reserves the right to send a child home due to illness and require a doctor's note before a child may return to the Center. An Illness Report will be filled out and a copy given to the parent with information on when a child can return to care and if a doctor's note is required. Credits will not be given due to illness.

    A physical exam is required before admission to the program and immunizations must be up-to-date.

    Little Lambs staff and administration are mandated by Wisconsin state law (Wisconsin Statutes [s.48.981(2)] )to report any suspected maltreatment of a child. Any evidence of unusual bruises, lacerations, burns, signs of neglect or maltreatment shall be noted on the child’s record and will be reported to the proper authorities if considered as suspicious.
    Treatments of minor injuries will be recorded in an Incident Report and kept in the child’s file.
    Medications will be administered if necessary with a medication administration form signed and in the student’s file stating the appropriate administration of the medication.
    Please make staff aware of any allergies.
    Little Lambs is not a state licensed childcare facility. However, state guidelines are followed as closely as possible. This includes following health and food guidelines and adult to child ratios in each classroom.

    Please make staff aware of any allergies.
    Treatments of minor injuries will be recorded in a medical log.
    Hours of Operation
  • Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    • Childcare for children 6 weeks - 3 years is available during St. Paul's Lutheran School hours (M-F 8:45am -3:30pm Aug-May).
    • Before/After School Care is only available for children enrolled in St. Paul's Lutheran School (3K-age 12 Sept.-May).
    • Childcare will be available for all school-aged children during the summer, holiday breaks, and closed school days.
    Registration, Health, and Immunization forms must be completed before any child is allowed to attend the program.
    Inclement Weather Policy
  • Depending on weather reports, we may close or open late for snow storms that dump an extensive amount of snow at one time (12+ inches). We realize that closing or starting late may affect some of our families, but due to conditions, even in the city, we have to make sure to take care of everyone's safety. Depending on the weather and the number of children at the Center, we may close the Center early. We ask that you come to pick up you child as soon as you can. We will remain open until the last child is picked up.

    If we open late, we will open two hours late at 8:30 AM to allow our staff to travel safely.

    If you choose to not have your child attend these days, you will not receive a free credit if you pay the weekly rate. Please call our Center to let us know your child will not be coming before your child's scheduled time. If school is canceled and the Center is open, please be sure to call ahead to let the staff know the hours your child will be at the Center to avoid a drop-in fee.  However, everyone will receive a free day of credit if we close for the entire day due to weather. This will not affect free days for those that pay the weekly rate. You will be notified by 5:45AM if the center is closed or opening late.
    Items from Home
  • Please do not let your child bring any toys or related items from home to school and/or childcare since they may be a distraction or get lost or broken. Electronic devices are not allowed and will be kept with the Director until the parent retrieves the item in order to prevent the potentially expensive item from being lost, stolen, or broken. Cell phones for older children will be kept with the childcare staff throughout the day.
    No Show - No Call Policy
  • As stated in our Fee and Refund Policy, parents are expected to give Little Lambs a 24 hour notice if their child will not be attending. If your child is scheduled to attend Little Lambs and you do not bring your child and do not call Little Lambs at least one hour before your child’s scheduled hours to inform us that your child will not be attending, it will be noted in  your child's file.  Failure to do so may result in termination of childcare.
    Nondiscrimination Policy
  •  At Little Lambs everyone is a special child of God.  Our program accepts children of any race, religion, color, and national or ethnic origin.
    Nutritional Policy
  • Little Lambs provides through our elementary school a hot lunch program. Parents may send along a breakfast for their child.  Snacks shall consist of at least two of the following: milk or milk product, fruit, fruit juice, vegetables, protein, whole grain or enriched bread or cereal.  A meal schedule will be posted and distributed each month for your convenience.  If you so choose, you may send an alternative nutritious snack or cold lunch with your child. 
    The staff will model and encourage proper table manners, such as asking for snacks with “please” and “thank you”, waiting to be served, not talking with food in the mouth, etc. 

    During the summer, parents will be responsible for bringing their child's lunch and snacks, including drinks.

    Please note: Our building is NUT FREE due to severe allergies.
    Parent Involvement
  • Anytime parents wish to arrange a meeting with the teacher or director, please contact your child’s teacher or the director to do so.  Comments are always welcome and any concern you may have concerning your child or your child’s school is important to us!
    Parents are always encouraged to join us for field trips.  Parents will occasionally be asked to drive for field trips.  Please be willing to take your turn. Parents are also asked to volunteer to help with and plan special events. 
    Snacks & Treats
  • Make arrangements with us if you would like to bring a birthday treat.  There may be some students with food allergies and/or sensitivities. Non-nutritional snacks (i.e. candy, cupcakes, etc.) will not be served except for birthday treats and party days.
    Please note: Our building is NUT FREE due to severe allergies.

    Apples (sliced) note: to prevent apple slices from turning brown please lightly cover in lemon juice.
    Grapes, oranges, fresh vegetables, Goldfish, graham crackers and other crackers, pudding, yogurt, pretzels or popcorn, homemade muffins or breads, dried or fresh fruit, Jell-O, cheese. Please no nuts!
    Please bring 100% juice or milk on your snack day.
    Social Adjustment
  • Little Lambs reserves the right to drop a child after consultation with parents/guardians, when the welfare of the child, group, and/or staff would make this advisable with little to no warning.
    Termination Policy
  • 1. Parents must notify the director at least two weeks prior to the withdrawal of the child.
    2. Registration fees will not be refunded.  Fees must be paid in full through date of withdrawal.  Only advance fees will be refunded.
    3. Termination of enrollment will occur due to the following actions:
    A.  Failure to pay fees.
    B.  Failure to submit the required enrollment and health information forms.
    C.  Failure to observe the rules of the center relating to the arrival and departure of the child.
    D.  If the child is unable to function within the framework of the childcare programs or consistently displays inappropriate behavior.
    E.  Lack of parental cooperation.
  • At this time, Little Lambs does not provide transportation.  If someone other than the parent or guardian is picking up your child, please notify the teacher before class.  Their name must be on the enrollment form or a written dated permission slip is needed.  For security reasons, only people listed on the enrollment form as someone allowed to pick up the child will be allowed to do so.  If staff are not familiar with a particular person they may ask for Identification such as a driver’s license for verification.