3K-4K Enrollment
Children entering the preschool program must be 3 or 4 years of age by September 1stof the school year term.  All children accepted are required to have a complete physical examination before the first day of school. Children must also be completely potty trained (without the use of pull-ups) before the first day of school.

  • Options
    • 3 or 5 Half-Day Program
    • 3 or 5 Full-Day Program
  • Class Times
    • Half-Day: 8:45am-11:30am
    • Full-Day: 8:45am-3:30pm
  • The Half-Day option is only available in the morning.
  • The 3 Day (full or half) Program will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • 3K and 4K are combined with a classroom cap at 20 students with no more than 10 3K students.
  • Classroom Schedule
    • The morning schedule includes Story Time, Work Time, Group Time (academic time), Music, Chapel once a week, and Bible Story.
    • The afternoon includes lunch, a Rest Time (required for at least 30 minutes), Library Time once a week, Movement, and review of the day’s skills.
    • Gym and/or outside time are included in both morning and afternoon.

Note:  Childcare is available before and after classes, on scheduled days off of school, and on snow days.  Click here to find out more.
School is in session from September to May from 8:45am to 3:30pm.  We assume that when you register your child, it is for the full school year.  A two week notice is requested if you plan to drop your child from the program.

Please make checks payable to St. Paul’s School. Separate checks should be written to Hot Lunch.   
Fees for the year 2018 – 2019 are as follows:
  •  Registration Fee: $35 per child
  •  Technology Fee: $25 per child
  •  Synod Fee: $10
  •  Half-Day: $1075 for the school year
  •  Full-Day: $1,280 for the school year
A $25 fee for NSF returned checks will be charged. This fee must be a cash payment made along with a cash payment of the original check amount.
Overdue Payment Fee: $10.00 for every week over due unless other arrangements with the director have been made.