Support Your School
Pray for our school, staff & students on a regular basis. 

Be present at chapel services, athletic events and other school functions.

Volunteer in the classrooms, in the library or with custodial work.  We need people to read to classes, tutor children and correct papers.

Give regularly to the church.  Student tuition covers only a portion of the cost to run our school.  Most of the expenses are paid through the regular offerings of our congregation.  Special gifts directly to the school are always a blessing, too.

Scrip works very similar to buying and using gift cards from local retailers and restaurants.  You purchase the gift cards through St. Paul’s Scrip program – give them as gifts or use them yourself.  St. Paul’s Church and School will receive a discount (% donation) when the scrip is purchased.  Each retailer sets the percentage that it wishes to donate through the program.  For example, if you buy a scrip gift card for Pizza Hut, that company will donate 8% of that purchase back to St. Paul’s.

Find out more about scrip by clicking here.

Caps & Labels

Many food manufactures have programs to support schools.  You collect the cap or label needed and turn them into the school.  The school mails them into the food company and receives back a check or credits towards classroom equipment.  St. Paul's currently participates in the following programs, but is willing to consider others you hear about.
Scrip FAQs
Download Front of Scrip Order Form
Download Back of Scrip Form