School Lunch Program
Give us this day our daily bread.” 
Matthew 6:11

On school days, a hot, nutritious lunch is available to all children and staff in Little Lambs and St. Paul's School.  Parents and visitors to St. Paul’s are also welcome to eat with us - please buy a hot lunch ticket in the office!  Menus are posted around the school and on St. Paul’s website.

A lunch consists of a main dish (or an alternate choice of grilled cheese sandwich), vegetable, fruit, and a glass of 1% white milk. There are usually two choices for vegetable, and two choices for fruit.  In an effort to reduce waste, children are not required to take any fruits or vegetables if they are not going to eat them and can also ask for half portions.

The daily cost for hot lunch is as follows (includes drink):
            Preschool/Childcare                          $2.25
            Grades K-2                                        $2.40
            Grades 3-8                                         $2.65
            Adults/Visitors                                  $3.00

Hot lunch money will be deposited in the payment box on the wall outside the library to the right of the lost and found table.  If families wish to pay for longer than one month, they may do so.  If families are more than two weeks behind meal payments, students will not be able to eat hot lunch.  There will be no credit given, but the child may call home to have a cold lunch brought to school or a sandwich and milk will be given to any student that can not contact a parent for a cold lunch.

For those students who take cold lunch, the price of a half-pint carton of milk is $.35/day.  Milk money will also be deposited in the payment box on the wall outside the library to the right of the lost and found table.  
Any student having an outstanding balance from last year or any previous year will not be able to eat hot lunch until this balance is paid. Credit is allowed on prepaid hot lunches and cold lunch milk only in case of sickness or absence. 
Applications for free and reduced priced lunches are available for children of eligible families.  Menus will be published monthly.  Soda is not to be consumed by cold lunch or hot lunch participants during the noon hour.

***Food Allergy Note: The St. Paul’s campus is completely peanut/nut free due to severe allergic reactions of several students.  Please do not bring any foods containing peanuts or nuts for a child’s snack or in a cold lunch.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Lunch Times:
Preschool/Childcare at 11:30
Kindergarten at 11:35
Grades 1-2 at 11:40
Grades 3-4 at 11:55
Grades 5-6 at 12:05
Grades 7-8 at 12:15