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Worship for at-risk individuals


11:00 AM

We want to try to keep as many things as possible the same as Sunday mornings (readings, sermon, prayers). All the same general safety guidelines will still apply. However, there will be some differences to better meet the spiritual needs of at-risk individuals and families:
●     Masks will be required by all who attend. We will have some available, along with gloves and hand sanitizer, but please try to bring your own masks.
○     Pastors will wear masks before and after worship, as well as during communion.
●     There will be no singing, as a way to further lower the risk of exposure to the virus.
○     Hymn verses and liturgical songs will be spoken in unison.
●     Communion will be offered on the same schedule as on Sunday, on the first and third weeks of every month.
●     There will be no ushers, technology crews, or musicians.
○     The only necessary personnel will be one pastor and the worshipers.
●     Service folders will be available, both large- and regular-print.
●     Worshipers will sit in the pews marked with blue tape only.