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Mission Rally
Our Willing Workers hosted the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society's local mission rally. Pastor from Institutional Ministries spoke about ministering to people in jail and prison.

On October 31, members park their cars in our parking lot and hand out treats to neighborhood children from their car trunks.  Many decorate their vehicles, dress in costume or have a game for the children to play.  Parents and children are invited to warm up in our gym with some hot cocoa, warm apple cider, and chili.

Pie Making
Each fall our Willing Workers make dozens of pies which they sell to raise money for projects around the church.  Once assembled, the apple pies are frozen, so you can take one home, bake it, and have fresh apple pie any time you want one.  Pumpkin pies are also made and sold on the day of the annual bazaar.

Vacation Bible School
At our Barnyard Roundup, God’s children of all ages learned that that Jesus, their Savior, is with us and abundantly provides for all our needs. He also protects and saves us—now in this world and forever too!  There was music, crafts, food and fun!

Parade Float
Our church had a float in the Cranberry Blossom Festival Parade. The ship fit with our VBS theme, Gangway to Galilee. It was a wonderful opportunity to make the community aware of our church, its VBS and other ministries.

Worship at the Ballpark
On Father’s Day, we gathered at Witter Field for Worship at the Ballpark. Koiné Church Band joined us for the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Afterwards we had a picnic lunch and stayed for the Rafters baseball game. The kids got to play on the inflatable toys in the Kid’s Zone. Everyone had a great time!

Journey to the Cross
Tourists had a chance to use all five senses to experience some of what Jesus did on his Journey to the Cross. Various stops on the tour marked different events during Holy Week - Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the last supper, the crucifixion, resurrection and more.

Christmas Decorations
In ancient times, caves were often used to house animals.  Therefore, the stable where Jesus was born may have been a cave. Our Christmas decoration took their cue from this idea.  The cave remained in place as we transitioned from Christmas to Epiphany to Lent and finally to Easter. The tree was undecorated after Epiphany and then replaced by a cross during Lent.

Advent by Candlelight
The ladies of the congregation were invited to enjoy an elegant evening of music, readings and fellowship. The Branches Band led the program. Afterward the ladies enjoyed dessert and the beautiful table scapes.

Our Stained Glass Windows
Stained glass windows in the church sanctuary depicting the life and letters of the Apostle Paul.  You can download a description of each window and an explanation of its meaning by clicking here.