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Keeping Connected (audio only)

6/12/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  John 15:1-8 

Christian Marriage of Rachel Brokmeier & Jon Kulhanek

5/29/2016 Pastor Ken Brokmeier  1John 15:9-17 

Memorial Day Service-The Cost of Freedom

5/29/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Ephesians 6:10-15 

2015/2016 School Year closing service & graduation

5/26/2016 Pastor Martin Baur/Pastor James Mumm  John 14:6 

Trinity Sunday-The Lord is Who He Is!

5/22/2016 Pastor James Mumm  Exodus 3:13-15 

Pentecost/Confirmation Sunday-The Glorified Lord sends His Spirit to His Church

5/15/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Colossians 2:6-7 

What will we always remember about our Christian Mothers & Grandmothers?

5/8/2016 Pastor James Mumm  2Timothy 1:3-7 

6th Sunday of Easter - The Glorified Lord sends the One who stands alongside

5/1/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  John 14:15-27 

Our Life in Christ/Special Worship Service Concert w/Charles Bonow

4/24/2016 Charles Bonow/organist  1 Peter 2:9 

4th Sunday of Easter-The Glorified Lord Shepherds His Sheep

4/17/2016 Pastor James Douglas  John 10:22-30 

3rd Sunday of Easter-The Glorified Lord shows care for Everyday Life

4/10/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  John 21:1-14 

2nd Sunday of Easter-The Glorified Lord Encourages Faith

4/3/2016 Pastor James Douglas  John 20:19-31 

Easter Worship-Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

3/27/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  1Corinthians 15 

Good Friday Tenebrae Worship-What Wondrous Love is This!

3/25/2016 Pastor James Douglas  2 Corinthians 5:21 

Maundy Thursday worship - Simple Words. Yet So Profound.

3/24/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Exodus 12:1-14;Matt.26:17-29 

Palm Sunday Worship "Hail the King Who Comes to Save Us!"

3/20/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke19:2840 

Ironies of the Passion: Don't you Fear God?

3/16/2016 Pastor Em. Norman Paul  Luke 23:39-43 

The Savior Sets His Face towards Jerusalem: Righteous in the face of rejection

3/13/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke 20:9-15 

St Paul's Got Talent! Cows in the Kitchen written by Carol Kaplan Lyss and Amy Glaser Gage

3/11/2016 Randy Pahl   

Ironies of the Passion: We have no King but Caesar

3/9/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  John 19:12-16a 

The Savior sets His Face toward Jerusalem: Loving in the face of arrogance

3/6/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 

Ironies of the Passion: He had been wanting to see Jesus

3/2/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke 23:6-12 

The Savior sets His Face toward Jerusalem: Insistent in the face of impenitience

2/28/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke 13:1-9 

Ironies of the Passion: Not During the Feast

2/24/2016 Pastor Norman Paul  Matthew 26:1-5, Luke 22:6 

The Savior Sets His Face toward Jerusalem: Resolute in the face of opposition

2/21/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Luke 13:31-35 

Ironies of the Passion: It is better that one man die for the people!

2/17/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  John 11:45-53 

1st Sunday in Lent-An Answer for every Temptation

2/14/2016 Pastor Martin Baur  Luke 4:1-13 

Ash Wednesday - Ironies of the Passion: This man went home Justified!

2/10/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke 18:9-14 

Transfiguration of the Lord-Mary did you know? Your Son would unveil himself as the Father's Son!

2/7/2016 Pastor James Douglas  Luke 9:28-36 

Sanctity of Life Sunday

1/31/2016 Pastor James Douglas  John 10:7-10 

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